samedi 14 février 2009


Anonymous citizen, Bologna - Italy

What happens to art if it becomes a pure commercial value ?
What if art practices, creative processes and drifting abilities are asked to fit the desire of official institutions and private corporations to show off ?
What if this embezzlement of art objects and creativity transforms into a norm, i.e. a common agreement (between producers and customers), whose use has broadened to an international level ?
What if art is turned into a digitalised value (meaning a transfer of computerized datas from a bank account to an other one), whose only aim is to stroke one's ego, on both side ?

In front of the main financial poles, which draw the current map of the dispatching of the powers (slightly threatened by a temporary crisis at the moment), a substantial offensive could consists in developping an other kind of map.


Individuals, artists, journalists, designers, choregraphers, everywhere, from capitals to hamlets, gathering through various modes of communication, internet, galleries, training centers, mobile phones. Here, there, the diverse strata of the space, which constitute our present world, have to be investigated : from the underground cables to urban dwellings and browsing on the world wide web.


And building up, by the association of all the possible know-how a hybrid body. Mobile, labile, explorative : the octopus. A curious entity, moving forward into all gaps and footholes of the instances of power and sucking from these black holes its energy, for a new empowering experience. Sucking-pads tracking any appearances and sceneries, and shapeless tentacules overgoing the effective global norm.
The kisses of the octopus are transgressing the robotised normative system.
A counter-trendy art is activated.

Pulpo love is on.

2 commentaires:

krokant a dit…

L'Art ne porte en lui aucune valeur commerciale (bien que ses manifestations soient souvent tributaires de ces valeurs).
Le pseudo-artiste couvrant ses activités commerciales par la couronne que confère ce mot bien ambigu est voué à l'Enfer et périra par le Feu.
Et merde aux faux-jetons..

& a dit…

Je suis bien d'accord avec toi, Krokant, la production artistique se situe en dehors du commerce. Malheureusement, il suffit d'ouvrir Beaux-Arts Magazine pour se rendre compte que le marché de l'art, qui vend combien, qui vend le plus, qui vend le plus cher..., est la seule chose qui intéresse la plupart des personnes gravitant autour du monde de l'art.
Pour cette raison, l'Emergency Room est un projet qui mérite qu'on s'y arrête et qu'on cherche à comprendre ce qui s'y trame.
En attendant une création assainie de ces parasitages, je ne suis pas sûre que jeter des mauvais sorts solutionne le problème...